As a young boy,   I was deeply introverted and kept everything to myself.

I suffered many anxiety attacks as a child. In one instance I lost a quarter of my body weight.    I had intense thoughts about everything.    A majority of my thoughts were self-critical which only added to my beliefs that I wasn’t worthy of anything.   I can remember my classmates calling me four-eyes and a nerd since I wore glasses.    This added to my already self-critical thoughts on how I should be.   I was unable to accept who I was and the world was not offering kindness.   I had no self-esteem and I saw the world as a very harsh place.

The harsh view of the world only added to my suffering with anxiety.      These anxieties lead to a diagnosis of Bipolar as a young adult.   I had suicidal thoughts at times which resulted in being hospitalized.   Around 15% of folks commit suicide from this disease.

I suffered for decades with intense thoughts that were creating my own hell on Earth.     The thoughts had completely taken over my being and I had no inner peace.   One day, I discovered meditation and found inner peace.

In the beginning meditation was difficult.    I could only sit for 5 minutes a day, before my thoughts convinced me that it was a “waste” of time.   I had plenty of things to do besides “wasting” my time.   I knew that for me to escape the  mental prison of thoughts I had to continue with a meditation practice.     After a few months of practice the mind was growing quieter and a new sense of peace arose.

Meditation gives you space or separation  from your thoughts.    When you have space from thoughts,  they no longer control you.         There are many different types of meditation to gain inner peace.   At the time I began meditation I didn’t realize that my technique of just sitting still was a bit more advanced since it required you not to react to all the thoughts,  and I would have been better off with an easier meditation.

Here is a simple meditation that will have a profound impact on your mental state.

Find a place to sit comfortably and relax.  Make sure it is a location where you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes  

Take a deep breath for  3 seconds

Hold it for a second

Slowly exhale  for 6 seconds.    Observe the tension leaving the body on the exhale.

Do this routine a few times.   Repeat this meditation process several times a day.

When you place your attention on your breath, thoughts stop and you begin to place space into the thought process.   After  this practice your thoughts will still continue.  However,  the more space you add into the stream of thoughts will result in a quieter mind.   A quieter mind will give you inner peace.  This practice seems too simple to work,  but it does.  Try it for 2 or 3 months and you will notice a difference.

Today,   I no longer suffer the effects of bipolar.  I have completely restored my mental health.

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